• who we are

    A young, pro-active and multi-faceted team who aims to transform social consciousness, attitudes and values through the perspective of the modern digital era.

  • what we do

    We develop, promote and support inventive and effective initiatives that address socially significant issues, across a wide range of fields.

  • where we work

    We work throughout the CEE region with a strong focus on Bulgaria, where our roots are.

focus of our impactit only takes one small innovation
to make a change

  • social responsibility

    When “I” is replaced by “we” even “illness” becomes “wellness”.

  • history, arts & culture

    This is our identity. What intellectually, emotionally and spiritually distinct us and we should proudly protect and preserve it.

  • regional development

    The economy’s dynamics are such that there will always be more prosperous regions and regions that need assistance and aid.

  • digital literacy

    The vital skillset and ability of any individual and organization to navigate through life in the technological era, in need for public attention and comprehension.

  • e-healthcare

    Technology will fundamentally transform healthcare, from how patients are diagnosed to where they are treated and, ultimately, the treatments they receive.

  • enviromental care

    None of the rest would matter or even exist if we don’t have a safe and healthy environment.

  • Relationships
  • Knowledge
  • Resources

We believe in the power and value of relationships. This is why we foster a culture of trust, reciprocity and collaboration that aims to build long-term fruitful relationships both within our team as well as with all our stakeholders and partners. No man (or organization) is an island, especially in the networked world we live in today and a healthy relationship can go a long way, creating sustainable value for everyone in the network.

While everybody knows the cliché “knowledge is power” many organizations often forget the invaluable benefits of sharing experience and knowledge when engaging in collaborative projects. In ASORI we greatly value knowledge and invest a lot of time and effort in both having access to this as well as sharing it with everyone who might want or need it. A curious mind is always open and exploring and it is knowledge and experience exchange that further enhances the value of any relationship.

In ASORI we believe in making the most of what we have. We respect and appreciate our resources and those of our partners and network, continuously making the effort to make the smartest and most transparent use of them. Minimizing waste while increasing impact is what we strive for.

Our Projects